Gaming PC Computer Troubleshoot Diagnose Service in Great Vancouver



Computer Troubleshoot Diagnose Service in Great Vancouver (Delta Surrey Burnaby Richmond Vancouver Coquitlam Port Coquitlam West Vancouver North Vancouver New Westminster) (Windows 7, Windows 10, 11, XP, MAC OS X)

This service includes:

1. Diagnose the issues (Boot startup problem, Black screen issue, Blue Screen issue, Frozen issue, Popups, non-launchable problem)

2. Provide technology solution options. No cost if no solution is found.

3. Include quick correction (wrong bios setting correction, defective part removal, wrong wiring correction, wrong assembly correction, easy access parts installation).

4. Parts cost extra or bring your own parts.

Value Options: Transfer existing User data to a new OS for an extra $30.


Note 1: This is a local professional service. There is no actual good delivered from the vendor. Only service will be rendered.

Note 3: You agree to be responsible for backup your personal data or settings and ensure it is restorable by yourself before you send your computer for service