Express Drop-Off Computer Repair (24 hours-ready-service)



Express Drop-Off Repair

Drop off your laptop or pc desktop computer, any other devices, you might be able to get it repaired within 24 hours. Call or book online for a drop-off time window.

Note: This service might apply to:

  1. Software application install, setup, troubleshoot
  2. Driver install, update, troubleshoot
  3. Popups / Malware Removal.
  4. Bring-in new parts installation
  5. Application malfunction
  6. Windows or software Configuration issues
  7. Windows boot issue (loop, freeze, blue screen, black screen)
  8. New Windows 10, Mac OS installation or wipe-off and reinstall

It might NOT apply to:

  1. Any issue related parts that need to be ordered.
  2. Power on issue
  3. physical part damage or malfunction (like screen, keyboard, ports, battery, heatsink,fan etc)
  4. complex issue (like intermittent issue)
  5. Data recovery

To book a drop-off, Please visit



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