Managed Service: Full coverage for one computer 1 year subscription



Managed services:

  1. Unlimited support sessions via remote support or self-drop-off/pickup service
  2. CA-PC-FIX agent will be installed and keep running on your computer to allow error monitoring and remote support.
  3. Logs and system information might be collected to allow proactive actions against hardware failure, virus attack, update failure.
  4. Technicians at CA-PC-FIX will have the ability to gain unattended access to the computer remotely for troubleshooting or technical support.
  5. Software, hardware inventory reports will be available when needed.
  6. Schedules system updates are managed and backup monitor/alerts are managed.

Not included in Managed services:

  1. hardware/part cost.
  2. travel/gas cost.
  3. shipping fee
  4. Initial network/domain/printer/user setup

Why managed services.

  • Better alignment: Managed services providers (MSPs) are incentivized to spend less active time cleaning up messes, so instead they aim to prevent problems in the first place — the same goal the client has!
  • Predictable costs: Set monthly fees to give clients budget clarity.
  • Better stability: 24/7 monitoring and proactive maintenance they’re able to quickly respond to issues and head off potential system failures before damage is done.
  • Infrastructure upgrade: Rather than simply applying band-aids, MSPs provide clients with more robust and secure IT environments by managing network performance, security, backup, email, helpdesk, and more.
  • More affordable than in-house IT:  clients get many of the same dedicated capabilities at a fraction of the cost of a full-time team.