Remote Fix 1st Express Computer Repair Services World Wide



Remote Fix 1st Express Computer Repair Services (Canada customers only)

Before you request onsite service, please always consider a faster, reliable remote fix 1st service. Do you know that 90% of computer problems or solutions can be solved by remote fix service. Most big companies like Microsoft, Cisco, VMware are using remote assistants as the primary support method. There are some benefits to use this service: faster, lower cost, everything is done in front of your eyes.

What’s going to happen when you order a Fix 1st Service?

  1. Complete the order and payment.
  2. Raise a ticket to describe your request or issue in detail at: CA-PC-FIX Support. (bypass this step if you are in chat with a tech)
  3. A technician will get in touch with you to arrange a service schedule via phone or email.
  4. Run remote session agent guided by a technician. link for agent Remote Support | CA-PC-FIX Computer Services
  5. The technician will connect to your computer remotely and do the job.
  6. You can watch all operations that are being performed on your computer to fix the issue. If you feel any uncomfortable with the session, you can close the agent app or disconnect the network.


  1. This is a 30 minutes support session. Some jobs (like virus or malware removal) might need a longer time so you might need to order multiple sessions. Please call for more detail.
  2. This service cannot solve non-bootable/non-running systems or no-network issues. Please call for such issues.

We are a local computer service business located in Burnaby, BC Canada. Due to the high risk of scams, you should choose your remote support provider carefully. Never call a telephone number that pops up on your computer. Never follow instructions from a cold call.