HP 8200 Tower PC Computer with SSD

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HP 8200 Tower PC Computer with SSD

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Used Business Class HP 8200 Tower PC Computer, With Windows 10 Pro (Can be revert to Win 7 Pro)
Running quiet and very fast, 10 seconds boot into desktop, 2 seconds to shut down.

Modem computer’s bottle neck is storage drive (hard drive) for years. This PC was upgraded with 120GB Samsung 840 Evo SSD ($165 new in Amazon), which brings you huge performance gain.

Main feature: Intel I5 2400 CPU, 120GB SSD + 256GB HDD, 4G DDR3.

Small factor case only requires little space for this so it’s good to use in living room for movie player, much better function than your smart TV.

Small business owner can take this one as daily business PC, save cost without losing product ivies.

30 days money back warranty.


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