PreOwned HP Probook 4320T laptop with 4G RAM, 240GB SSD, Intel I3, Windows 10 Pro (no battery)




This laptop has been fully tested in Windows 10 Pro (licensed).  Other than DVD and Battery, all components are working as they should. The body was kept very well and is still in like-new condition. (Tip: look at the print on keyboard, you can roughly estimate how much usage were produced.)  It’s a great laptop if you don’t require mobility too often. The SSD gives this laptop real performance gain. It boots into Windows desktop around 10 secs.

Preowned HP business class ProBook 4320T with 4G RAM, 240GB SSD, Intel I3 2.4Ghz (no battery, no DVD).

It comes with HDMI so you can also use it as the media player in your living room.

Details as shown in photos. (Comes with power adaptor charger)


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