Professional and Low cost computer virus pop-up ransomware removal service in Great Vancouver

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Professional and Low-cost computer virus pop-up ransomware removal service in Great Vancouver
  1. CA-PC-FIX will use multiple professional and proven tools to scan and clean the virus and unwanted applications. Those tools are used by thousands of professionals and are trusted as the most powerful and trusted tools. This will ensure every bad piece of your hard drive will be scanned and cleaned. Depending on the size of your hard drive, the scanning and cleaning process might take 2-4 hours to be completed. So most likely you will need to leave your computer for the service. We will try to best to get your computer ready on the second day.
  2. CA-PC-FIX will manually review all start-up items and services and scanned them to make sure they are virus-free, And also to remove the non-production applications or services to resume the performance of the computer.
  3. CA-PC-FIX will review and audit your computer service pack, patches status, and ensure your computer is up to date and have all security vulnerabilities patched.
  4.  CA-PC-FIX will ensure your anti-virus application is healthy and updated in order to protect against future risks.

Note 1: This is a local professional service. There is no actual good delivered from the vendor. You will need to deliver and drop-off your device at a given location.

Note 2: There is no charge to you or full refund if the issue cannot be resolved.

Note 3: You should accept the solution provided by CA-PC-FIX in order to get the issue solved

Note 5: You agree to be responsible for backup your personal data or settings and ensure it is restorable by yourself before you send your computer for service


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